Youthful Expression

Ever since high school when I was introduced to head wear I've been a die hard fan. When I moved to Florida I wore less and less simply because the heat wouldn't allow it but I've continued to collect pill box hats, bowler hats, veils, hats from the 1920's, 50's, 60's, 70's, and now I finally have my 1940's hat. 

As I was browsing the vintage stores of historical Savannah my mom and I came across this feathered number and for only $20 we were left with no choice but to buy it. The original plan was for it to just be a prop for photo shoots in the future but when I was taking these photos of it to show you all I realized how much I actually wanted to wear it out and about. With my dark purple lipstick and silk blouse I felt like it was calling to be worn just as casually as it probably was when it was made. I don't even think it looks that outrageous with the whole outfit, but when I strolled down the sidewalks of Broughton Street everyone else seemed to feel differently. One person even came up and said "I look at you and think of my own youthful expression." Sadly there was very little of that still apparent in their outfit that day and it made me feel even prouder of finding the strength to go out and wear this with my head held high. I hope to never lose my youthful expression as it is where the flames of my heart lie. 

This is why you rarely see me wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. I feel like I cant breath when so little is going on the outside because it feels like there is so much going on on the inside. Colors, ideas, eloquent and harsh words, lightness and darkness, hopes and desires, places far beyond here or there, lives before today and lives not yet experienced. During the school semesters I can get overwhelmed with the work put on my plate and my outfits take the repercussions. I can't think clearly and in turn can't express myself as I would normally want to. I'm thankful for these few weeks of winter break right now because it's allowing me to discover that youthful expression again.

Shirt and Hat Vintage, Dress Ann Taylor