Photo by Svetlana Jovanovic

Hi! My name is Ashley G. Garner and I am a photographer and video artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

I spent most of my childhood raised between Georgia and North Carolina, exploring and adventuring in the foothills and training to become a ballet dancer. In high school my family moved to Florida, where I stayed for college and shifted interests from ballet to fashion, earning Bachelor Degree’s in Fine Art Photo and Art History in Miami at Florida International University. During my time there I began to develop my photography work in fashion and self-portraiture while working as a part-time model.

In 2014, I moved to New York and have since worked full time in the business of the art world for companies such as SCOPE, Pier59 Studios, Lina Iris Viktor, Tribeca Printworks, and Comita Studios. Over the years my work has developed out of fashion advertising and into fine art and art therapy. I always say that my art is my personal therapy, but I hope that it can be used to help other people, too.

I am interested in a wide range of themes and as a result my art has touched on a wide range of topics. From mythology to body issues, to sound therapy and the environment, I use photo and video to capture narratives informed by symbolism, color psychology, art history, and scientific research. Work has been included in group and solo shows around the world, and installed within rehab clinics, hotels, social clubs, and even once on a broken down tug boat in Brooklyn.

Someone once described my work as “elegantly provocative” and I rather like that. What you see here is what I consider to be important, I’ll let you decide the rest.