Dreaming of Snow

The New Year is upon us and I can't wait to bring you all some posts of what I think is a breakthrough with my work later this week. Tonight I shall be snuggling with my loved one as we watch fireworks go off on Tybee Island and then later this week I will be on my way back to Miami. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that my prayers to the snow gods showed no results other than lots of rainy stuck inside days. To make up for it I made these photos so I can at least pretend I experienced the blanketed white goodness that all should experience at least once during winter. All of the overlaid photos come from Nadia Sarwar's blog Frou Frouu. If you've never checked it out before I recommend you do so now for some really beautiful winter imagery from the mountains of Europe. 

Until I post again Happy New Year all!