Vintage Lust

As you all know by now vintage shopping is hands down my favorite kind of shopping. You could give me all the Celine or Chanel in the world but it will hardly compare to a great vintage find. I always like to hit up as many antique stores as possible when I come home and this time I got some things that I'm really excited about. Firstly yet another apron/skirt. It's in such fantastic condition, the embroidery is beautiful, and it was only $5. 

Next is this $7 ring. The photo really doesn't do it justice. The stones are a vibrant sapphire blue (my birthstone)  and it's wrap around design is simple yet elegant. I've yet to find a piece of jewelry that I never take off but this ring has yet to leave my finger since walking out of the store with it on. 

Finally are these old negatives. At a local store called Paris Market in Savannah they have a whole vase overflowing with negatives from god know's when and for $1 each you can have your picking. I was there for over half an hour going through them until my mom finally said we had to leave and ended up with these 3. The last one is extremely thin and once again the photo doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to get back to school so I can print these on paper and see the colors and contrasts.