Wrapped up in Chiffon and Chains

As my style evolves and I learn more about myself I am realizing that I have quite literally interjected my 2 personalities in the most literal sense into my outfits.

 If I were to describe my perfect outfit it would be a juxtaposition of delicate lace, chiffon, and silk draped dresses and shirts; hardware jewelry (consisting of full finger rings, layers of chain necklaces, body chains perhaps); a pair of biker inspired ankle boots; and depending on the day, a hat to top it off.
My favorite word in the English language is hands down juxtaposition. The exact definition is "Contrasts and differences shown side by side or together". When I think about the things in life that I am most drawn to I've noticed the common denominator is that they all have a juxtaposition to them. New York's mini forest/Central Park and the massive and industrial-ness to the city. Ballet in the sense that although it may seem like a delicate and innocent art, in all honesty it is one of the most competitive and psychologically consuming art's out there. I've even noticed in my portfolio of modeling work that my photos can be split into two groups: "Innocent, Delicate Ginger" and "Fiery Ginger".  My
bond with juxtaposition is the beauty in the fact that such opposite things can be in harmony together. Although it is nothing new and has always been around it is still mesmerizing to find such a natural thing of opposites living together and then see society and see how many wars and discriminations and prejudices are caused because of opposites and differences. Maybe if society were to just look at nature then we would all find harmony. A philosophical statement for you there, huh?