My BFF: The Acidic Demon

I don't believe in stress. When I was younger I used to get terribly stressed. About finances, school, ballet, people, judgement's. I dealt with it by dancing. Now that I've grown a bit and no longer dance I've noticed that when I do come face to face with stress I can feel it coming. Almost like elders letting us know days in advance of future rain because they're "knee's ache". 

It's like a growing acidic demon forming a knot in your stomach. 
Starting down in the pit, quickly growing, 
moving up your spine, infecting your throat, 
Making you unable to speak.
 Trickling up to your brain, 
gripping it with both hands, injecting it with thoughts of the worst,
 the negative, 
the darkness. 
When I start to feel that acidic demon in my stomach I stop and breath. 
I focus my eyes on some unanimous object 
Daze off.
I think about where I am, how far I've come, how far I've got to go.
I think about all the shit that I've gone through,
 All of the people that have come and left, 
All of the hopes and dreams that were crushed. 
Then I think about how all of that has gotten me to where I am now.
All of the new hopes and dreams, spawned from they're ashes. 
All of the new relationships formed from the old ones. 

Stress is nothing but what we make of it. 
It is self created. 
The situation still exists,
 The stress can be avoided by not accepting it. 
When that demon starts to seep up my spine and into my throat I take a deep breath
  The demon is caught in my breath and leaves me. 
I come out of my daze.
Create. Plan. Hope.