Welcome to the 8th Wonder of the World


I think I have a bit of a love affair with women. Not that I am sexually attracted to them or want to be in a relationship with one (but completely support for other people, of course) but that women are one of the most mysterious creatures in the world. We can have so many sides to us. Diverse in the sense that you can see a woman be a bad ass in business, work, sports, etc., but at the same time they (we) are able to be the most sensual and delicate people. Women can be mysterious, enticing, ethereal, and down to earth all at the same time. They can be stylish, chic, and intimidating. They can be holding a piece of raw meat or a delicate rose and you'd be turned on. 
Women are called complicated. Somehow throughout history women have been imposed the most negative traits: weak, sensitive, power-less, assistants. I disagree. Women are strong. Women can digest everything around them to it's most basic and core sense. Women can see things in a way you never would've imagined. That's power.

And we do it all in heels.....