Skate Effect

As I mentioned yesterday this weekend inspired me like crazy to a point that I had way to much boiling inside of me to sleep for more than 3 hours after getting home at 9:30 am. I was feeling not a care in the world; confidence radiating and passion flaming. Like I was standing on top of the world and no one could ever reach high enough to try and bring me down. So upon waking up I quickly threw on this outfit that I got from a look book I shot the weekend before for Miami Style Mafia's new boutique (photos soon) that has been making me feel sexier and more confident than ever.  I was extremely influenced by my experience on Go Skate Day and thus chose this location for that reason. The urban setting, railings, stark contrast and linear composition all reminded me of what I had seen. Though I'm obviously not looking grungy or beat up like skateboarders do it was that "I don't give a fuck" attitude that I had in mind. It's a new walk of life for me that is incredibly intriguing and something I hope to get to spend more time around. For now I will at least have my memories that will continue to be expressed through my art and style in my own Ashley kind of way.