Guess what? Today is the big day of my very first gallery exhibition!!!!! I am kind of freaking out right now but in all good ways, I promise. I will be sure to do a post here on the blog about it next week but if you want to see it happening in the moment be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter. In the mean time I wanted to share some inspiration that I have currently been gorging myself over.  

Several weekends ago I haphazardly came into the possession of this incredible book entitled Photographs printed by PHILLIPS de Pury & Company. It is a random assortment of fashion photographs, fine art, landscape and photojournalism and I have not been able to stop flipping through it over and over again. As a fine art student I think it is extremely important to look at a wide variety of art, not just what your specific niche happens to be. It allows you to expand your perception and find inspiration in places that you may have never expected. Today I thought I would share some of my current inspiration with you all via a handful four handfuls of pages from this incredible book. If you can find it for yourself I highly recommend you bring it into your own life. 

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