It's been terrible weather since I arrived on Tybee Island and has thus made picture taking minimal. However this past weekend the sun finally came out for a day and lite up my backyard into a glorious golden haven. Obviously by living in Miami I don't get to see the leaves change colors and coat the ground with their brittle essence. I remember growing up in North Carolina when we would rake them into huge piles and then my brother and I would spend the afternoon jumping in them, hiding in them, racking them back up and doing it all over again. I truly miss fall for those reasons and took full advantage of my surroundings when the sun decided to shine upon us.

I was so glad to see that no one had raked up these leaves yet. The way that the sun was igniting their colors was far more inspiring than any palm tree I've ever seen in Miami. I wanted to become one of those leaves. To just lay and have no worries, no cares, no responsibilities. To just be, nothing more nothing less. I felt removed from myself, my life, my future and my past. I felt relaxed and serene, but most of all I felt happy. Happy not for myself or accomplishments or anything like that, but happy to be able to still find beauty and joy in something as ordinary as a fallen frail leaf. 

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