Fiber Art

After my trip to SCAD's Little Black Dress exhibit I visited their neighboring exhibit on fiber art, a medium that I think is highly under-rated in the fine art community. The amount of work that is put into these pieces is mind blowing. When I was in high school I spent two years learning how to sew and to say the least there's a reason why I'm not interested in being a designer or seamstress of any sort. 

Nick Cave, Tondo 
Kendell Carter, Drip Painting #7 (multi-yellow)
Although I know that many of you may look at this and think this is the type of bullshit art that get's famous and doesn't deserve it but I actually think that the title of this piece with it's irony and tongue-in-cheek humor makes it successful. 
Left: Analai Saban, Claim Right: Sam Gilliam, Mainline
Emil Lukas, Slowly Down
All four of these pieces are made with the same colors of threads, each canvas focuses on one of the colors.

Ghada Amer, My Bang