Fashion is My Art

As you all know by now I have spent the past several months creating  a body of work about how fashion, or more importantly about how personal style is an art. A few weeks ago I went on a rant here about how I believe that fashion is art in it's own right. It is more than just a business industry, fashion is an emotional outlet, an expression of self, and a way to become anyone we want to be. It is empowerment through sartorial self-expression. These photos are not the only one's I've created but the ones that I will be showing as an example of my work to the entire art department's faculty (some I have already featured here before). Ideally they will jump for joy and let me into Thesis 2 with no questions asked. Realistically that won't happen but for now I'm sticking with the ideal. We have to write an artist statement about our work and although mine has changed in the past few weeks this is a little of what I've come up with thus far, 

As long as I can remember I have always thought of clothing in an emotional way. 
When I wake-up and get dressed I dress how I feel and in turn my clothing choices become a reflection of who I am but also of who I want to be. In these collages I want to create self-portrait narratives that discuss the emotional effect clothing has on us. 

Wish me luck, tomorrow is the big day!