Find Your Light

"I want to get a rose window tattooed on the nape of my neck 
because my spine is the place that needs the most light."

As I'm sure you can all tell I am in battle ground territory when it comes to school. My time is consumed with studying, research, reading, all in the meanwhile working on photos for the blog, RAUKUS, The Beacon (FIU's newspaper), and of course my work for school. To say that I am overwhelmed would be an understatement. Sometimes I find myself waking up after a good 8 hours of sleep with huge black circles under my eyes and looking as though I haven't slept in days. Stress is heavy but it certainly has me pushing my work that much more. It has been raining endlessly here in Miami and makes getting good photos all the more difficult, yet as I was wandering around a parking garage I found a glimmer of light and inspiration. The quote above does not necessarily represent that I want to get a rose window tattooed on my neck (I'm still aiming for a scorpion behind my ear) but it's meaning is definitely close to heart right now. As long as you can find that glimmer of inspiration and hope and you put it in the right places it can change your attitude for the day, week, month, or year. Sometimes I need a reminder. This photo series is that reminder for me today.

Dress H&M, Kimono Helle Ellen, Necklace Goodwill, Boots Ebay