Fashion Month Update

A final look at London left me in a state of over indulgence just for the hell of it. Ashish opened their show with a sweater stating "I'm Serious" while the entire collection said other wise. A twist on the schoolgirl look with sequins every where. Reboks were the choice of shoe for every look and paired with oversized shirts half tucked in, sequined overalls, and even the socks sequined but baggy and overflowing in a rather luscious way. The final look to walk down was another sweater stating "Tres Fatigue" and indeed you were.  

Meadham Kirchoff when asked about what their collection was about simply had to say everything and nothing. A dedication to decadence, a celebration of over indulgence. Classic renaissance styles with Disney themed shirts and tilted hats. You can't help but suddenly want to start layering your pants with skirts after that third look though, I'm already on the e-bay hunt for a great cigarette print pant. 

Moving into Milan with Blumarine. A white and pastel color palette for spring is always appropriate, I for one am thinking of ways I can have a perfectly ombre rainbow effect long-john suit like the third look. However the entire collection was full of beautiful chiffon maxi-dresses and skirts, long sleeved shirts with different arrangements of embellishment, and a slicked back hairstyle. I truly wish that my curly hair would comply with this style as it creates a very strong and angular shape to the entire look.

For Jil Sander minimalism was on the mind, although she prefers purity and integrity over minimalism and reduction. However it is hard to ignore the minimalistic influences seen in her collection through her use of bold color blocking and a focus on the form flowing cuts seen.

And this ladies and gentleman is a little something we like to call Prada. Opening the show with a subtle black blouse and skirt with a Japanese wood-blocked flower print and judo socks you immediately felt Miuccia's Japanese influence. As the collection continued each piece became more intricate in the origami like folds seen in kimono inspired tops and Harajuku platform shoes.