How to Wear an Apron

Without looking like a house-wife.

Now that I have an affluent vintage wardrobe that somehow managed to include several 1950's aprons I am trying to figure out ways to wear an apron without coming off as a suppressed house-wife or more importantly without giving off the impression that I ever want to make you a sandwich. Luckily my aprons don't say things like "Kiss the Chef" or anything of that nature, and they aren't made of muslin or cooking appropriate material. Instead they are lace and chiffon in soft feminine colors and their only relation to the apron is that they tie in the back and are only 1/2-3/4 of a skirt. However that alone will confuse people if you are found walking around with a skirt in the front and not in the back (trust me, I've been there....). Thus my venture into how to style an apron. 

Yesterday I visited the apron over pants option, and today I give you the peplum apron.
Worn with or without a jacket is up to you (and the weather too, I suppose). 

I have been a fan of the peplum trend we've seen the past few seasons from designers like Dior, Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu, and Celine. It accentuates your waist and enhances your hips in such a flattering and feminine way.

So tell me, are you convinced that aprons of this delicate nature should become apart of your wardrobe as well?
Maybe, after a few drinks?

P.S. There is a right answer on this one....
P.P.S. It's yes.

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