Folding Fan Hat

Some of you may remember my post several weeks ago on my new fan hat. I had never seen one before, until now that is.  After spending several hours perusing Tommy Ton's street style photos on I was shocked when I came across this: 

What?!?!?!??? And I thought I was the first......I can't be jealous though, and in fact I am relieved to see that I am not the only one to be aware this fantastic and eclectic style accessory. I love how this woman (if you know who she is please let me know as her style is amazing!) incorporated the maroon colors of the hat into her outfit and managed to wear the chin strap effortlessly without looking goofy or coming off as a lost and confused tourist. 
So of course I decided to revisit the fan hat and see how I could incorporate it's color scheme into my outfit.

Shirt DKNY, Dress Zara, Belt Vintage
Although this outfit isn't really wearable as the dress is far to short and the shirt is far to long for the current 85 degree weather (and rising), but details, details......
Moving on, to get you through this hump day and final 3 days of the week I give you some inspirational words to live by.  Happy Wednesday and remember to never stop dreaming, even after you wake up.