Heart Strings Strung

When I hear the piano play I feel as though each of my heart strings are being strung in the most eloquent way. 
My sympathy, my vulnerability, my empathy, my pain, my love and my trust are all put into one and create a melody that makes me want to dance in the night with the moon as my light and the ocean as my guide.

Every time I hear the piano play I'm stopped in my tracks and can't help but feel the tears come to my eyes. 
My heart strings are strung and played by the ultimate hand and I can't understand what happens to me when those notes reach my ears but I know how I feel and I can feel my every nerve sing to me. 
I'm in a new world, separate from this physical being. 
Nothing is permanent but nothing is lost. 
Everything is felt and loved and seen for what it really is. 

When I hear the piano play I feel a bright light drip into the pinhole of my heart and spread like cancer throughout every stream of blood until my body is filled with it's enigmatic essence. 
I can't see anything past the light.  
It takes everything I have and I give it willingly until we can become one.
There is a world filled with the melody of my heart strings and the piano brings it to life to remind me.
They need to be played by the kindest hand with love in it's touch and trust in it's tips. 
When I hear the piano play I can see the bright light and city-scape and I take all I have and will try to make the music last until my dying day.