My Vintage Self

"The minute you think the past was better, the present is second hand and yourself becomes vintage. You must never think that you have seen it all. Every period has the taste it deserves and our period is one of the most affluent in our history and we dress like it's not."

These are quotes from Karl Lagerfeld  for the Luxury Channel that I saved on my archive from 2010. Sadly the video doesn't seem to exist anymore, but I have this few seconds clip that proves it once did exist and I'm not just pulling this out of my ass. Although Karl Lagerfeld may not be one of my favorite designer I do have respect for him and his words struck me particularly hard on this topic.
Growing up whenever friends would talk about what decade they would rather live in I was always at a loss as there were pros and cons for all of them and I kind of was really enjoying my own. It will always be impossible to not recognize the inevitable intertwine-ment of past decade's within our own day and age, but it's not about how much of the past is present in our culture, but about how we make it our own that make's us unique. None the less, since I have a lack of video to show you I decided to add on a photo series. I took these of my new vintage finds in Savannah this past week. Just because I love my current decade doesn't mean I can't embrace the past, but as I said before, I just try to make it my own.


Oh silly plant, how you amuse me...