The Dazed and Confused

Time is a haze in the mind of the young.
There is no distinction between past and future,
No sense of the present.
We forget about where we're going or why
About who we are or who we want to be.
And at the end of it all we stare at a blank wall and wonder

The haze of the daze and confused is real
And when the view becomes clear
It can convulse through your veins and dilate your eyes to the fear
Of an empty road that can grasp your mind and stop your soul.

I've been in a daze and confused about what or how,
When and why now?
I forget that this is the beginning.
I forget that I'm young.
I forget that I have time to prove myself to the world.
But when I open my eyes to the daze I lived strong
All I see is little ol' me.
I'm facing the truth that at the end of it all it's just you that stands there.
There's no one to prove, there's no one that cares
In the darkness or light
In the daze or clear mind
But somehow I forget this all the time.

Shinto Tyler photography