Packing for a trip anywhere may be my biggest flaw. I tend to over-pack, and consider that an understatement. For an example of how out of control this can get I once was going on a 7 day trip somewhere and ended up bringing 18-20 outfits. I only wore 5 of them. Fail. So since my suitcase space is limited and there are plans of a whole new wardrobe coming back with me from NY I have decided to plan out each outfit down to every finite detail. In case I end up going out anywhere I have made sure that pieces can be switched around to make day to night transitions as well. 

Shirt Pixie Market, Shorts Michael Angel, Shoes Ebay, Jewelry Fashion Diggers, Book "Cahier I" by Albert Camus

Sweater Forever 21, Skirt Metro City, Jewelry Fashion Diggers, Lipgloss Kat Von D

Kimono Helle Ellen, DIY Shorts Hurley, Rings Fashion Diggers, Necklace Forever 21, Belt Goodwill, Camera Pentax K1000

Kimono Helle Ellen, Jeans Forever 21, Lip Tint Beeswax Blackberry Shimmer, Ring Unknown
Leggings and boots Ebay, Jacket Handmade, Earrings Etsy, Necklace Forever21, Ear Cuff Hot Topic
Dress Krelwear, Body Chain Mixon by Anna Mixon, Head Chain Fashion Diggers