In case there are any new readers out there or if you all have forgotten I recently became the fashion editor for the new online magazine, RAUKUSOur first issue premiered in July with huge success and finally our second issue, War is here!

For the sake of this promotional post I figured it would only be fair to give you all a preview of what you can find in RAUKUS this month. First on the list we have our very first cover model contest for the next issue of RAUKUS. For the chance to be featured on one of our two covers all you have to do is submit your photo and who ever has the most likes by the premiere of Issue 3 wins. Simple as that. Since RAUKUS wants to feature all types of people we are having a model cover and an artist cover. So if you're a photographer, graphic designer, painter, mixed media, fashion model, or anything in-between just submit your photo or work to RAUKUS on Facebook here. 

Next up is my self-portrait series, this month entitled There is a Pain in Your Beautiful Soul.
Below is a feature but to see the whole editorial go to page 118.

I got the chance to catch up with one of my favorite models' and muse Samayah Jaramillo. Read my in-depth interview with her discussing modeling, metaphysics, and keeping your art consistent through the source of many mediums. 

Head Hunters photographed by Bobby Ray

The Bride photographed by Ed Maximus 

Strange Clouds photographed by William Beauplant

Last but not least an opinionated article on my thoughts of the scandalous YSL rebranding by new creative director Heidi Slimane starting on page 280. 

Consider this walk through of RAUKUS // WAR only a teaser of what the magazine really holds, just waiting for you at the end of a click of a button. Also don't forget to submit your photos or art work to RAUKUS magazine's facebook page for the chance to be our next cover model or artist!