Ashley G. Garner is a photographer and video artist living and working out of Brooklyn, NY.

Raised between Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida, she graduated in 2013 with BFA’s in Photography and Art History from Florida International University.

Garner’s surreal video’s, water-color like photos, and dramatic character creations have been described as “elegantly provocative”. Touching on a number of themes ranging from mythology to body issues to the healing sounds of plants, Garner twists them into her own narrative using symbolism, color psychology, and scientific research.

Starting from a place of personal therapy to creating work specifically designed to help heal others, her work has been installed in rehab clinics, The Quin Hotel, Ludlow House, featured in American Photo Magazine, The Photographic Journal, Hi-Fructose, and exhibited in solo and group shows internationally.


Photo by Svetlana Jovanovic