Ashley G. Garner is a photographer and video artist living and working out of Brooklyn, NY.

Raised between Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida, she graduated with Bachelor Degrees in photography and art history from Florida International University (Miami).

In 2015, after living in New York for a year, Garner found herself unemployed and homeless. Feeling used and abused, she turned to photography and film as tools to help her channel the pain and quickly there after transitioned her works focus from fashion to fine art. Since then Garner’s work has developed from being a personal therapeutic outlet to creating work specifically to help heal others.

Her work has been described as “elegantly provocative” informed by mythology, scientific theories, nature, and art therapy. Twisting different themes into her own timeless narrative whether that be in the form of a photo, video, or often both, Garner’s work has been incorporated into rehabilitation clinics, The Quin Hotel, Ludlow House, recognized by American Photo Magazine, The Photographic Journal, Hi-Fructose, and featured in solo and group exhibitions across the nation.