A reader recently suggested in a comment that I talk about the weight conditions of a model, and I have been approached with this comment my entire life. I didn't start modeling full time until the past year or so, but I've always been naturally skinny. Skinny enough to have my step grandfather ask me at the tender age of 14 if I was anorexic. Trust me, that did not help with my pre-teen self conscious stage either. But moving on, honestly I am not anorexic, nor do I have any sort of eating disorder. If you know me (and I have references) I eat like a cow, and was blessed to have a speedy metabolism and paired with a little bit of cardio I have the body shape I have. It is true that there are girls who do die from eat disorders in the modeling world, but many of the major fashion capitals are making regulations for models to have a certain BMI percentage before they are approved to walk the runways of fashion week. 

    Also if you know anything the most recent top models, or even if you don't, you may be surprised to know that the #1 model in the world right now has broken waifer-style model trend with her curvy hips and large bust. Lara Stone has gone through hell and back battling with her eating disorder and addiction to alcohol now getting what she deserves as the most asked for model in the world and becoming a muse for several of the top designers including Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein. 

Models showing that you can look fabulous and eat healthy too, maybe make a headdress of two in the process...

And the ultimate in shape Brazillian showing that you can be skinny and still kick someone's ass if the situation presents itself.