I Dye....

    Something that you should expect to see on this blog is reviews on people that I work with here in Miami. Now I'm not going to say that I read a lot of blogs/papers/articles, but I do read a good amount and what I do read never (or rarely) mentions anything about the talent here in Miami. Trust me when I say there is a lot of talent in Miami, it just seems to be hidden under the blanket of partying, drugs, and other such things Miami is related with. One of my favorite photographers that delves into that exact world whom I've worked with on several occasions is Lindsay Dye. Working with disposable camera's Lindsay takes photos of people, usually girls, in clubs or bars. It's difficult for me to explain her most recent project, Grainy, Shitty, Acidy better than she already has.

“Grainy, Shitty, Acidy” is a documentation of females interacting with the nightclub culture of Miami, FL. The bleak moments without smiles insinuate feelings of regret with their faces seeming to inquire “Why am I here?”, as they continuously put in the effort to look provocative in the suggestive settings that surround them. The photographs are taken with disposable film cameras. The grittiness of the cheap film and weak flash lend itself to the raw atmospheres these ladies put themselves in as color and light become saturated and exploited."

To me Lindsay's work is ground breaking. When I see her photos I see a rawness that is hard to find when you're in the actual scenario she is when taking photo's. Your able to see the intense emotions on each person's face, many not being of excitement for the night, but stress, turmoil, concern, confusion, anger, or exhaustion. Basically emotions that are not expected when out for a night on the town. 
    Working with Lindsay personally what I've noticed about her technique is that she doesn't make herself obvious as a photographer. She blends into the scene, makes herself apart of it. By doing so everyone around her is comfortable, they feel as though they can be open and truthful, and with that lack of guard Lindsay is able to capture that moment of weakness, or lack of allure. And surprisingly that lack of allure becomes the exact allure you want to see when you look at a photo. You see truth. 
    It's been said that a camera is meant to capture the truth. Thing's can't be altered, what you see is what you get, but with photo shop, re-touching, and modern technology we all know that isn't quite true anymore. Lindsay Dye has managed to take situations where all we try to do is hide our imperfections and she's exposed them. To me she is the truth seeker of modern photography. Below are some of her photo's from "Grainy, Shitty, Acidy"


The photographer herself, Lindsay Dye

All images copyright Lindsay Dye