Flying High

Taking self portraits inside has been quite daunting on me. Not that I don't like the experience, I really do as it is pushing me to learn how to work in completely different lighting situations and broaden my horizons on ways to take photos but oh have I missed the outside! Of course it has also been freezing here so going outside spending give or take an hour to take a few photos has quickly lost its charm. Recently though on a very rare day the temperature will reach a high of 55 and I took the advantage last weekend to take some photos in a location outside of my 4 walls. The results you can judge for yourself but you can probably figure out that it is entitled Flying High because of my recent acquiring of a black leather aviator cap that I love more than I've ever loved any other hat in my entire life, mostly because I also got it for $15. WTF I love New York vintage shopping!!! The dress is Jacked Fashion of which you will be hearing much more about in the upcoming weeks and the location of course none other than a random street around me with lots of colorful tags and wheat pasted posters; just my style.