A Rainy Afternoon With Jenny Woods

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and after years of admiration I finally had a shoot booked with the ethereal Jenny Woods. She has always struck me as a melancholic soul based off of her images of lonely sylph-like dreamers looking to find that part of them they always felt like was missing. So in preparation I listened to the saddest music I had on i-Tunes and the rainy weather did a lot to help. When I arrived she was cuter than a button with her long honey brown hair and petite Venus like figure. We chatted for far too long leaving us with only a few sunlight hours but what we managed to bang out I think to be some of the most emotionally provocative photos I have taken with someone else as the photographer in a very long time. No hair, no makeup, no lighting other than natural, no fancy clothes other than what was in our closets already. It felt very natural to take these photos, absolutely nothing was forced; I just moved and she just responded. I know that might not seem like much but it really is and it very well might be something you just can't understand unless your doing it. Moving on though, I give you a rainy afternoon with Jenny Woods. To see more of her work click here