Slightly Suffocating

"I've always felt this way, slightly suffocated that is."

This is a snippet I found from a journal of mine from years ago after recently having come across all of my journals dating back to middle school and overwhelming my self with all that is my adolescent (and current) wallowing; things haven't changed much as you can see. I wanted to take photos inspired by this musing since it hit me really hard when I came across it. I don't know why but I haven't often feel comfortable in the location that I am. It wasn't until I went to New York for the first time many years ago that I actually felt like I could breath and it was one of the most remarkable feeling's I've ever felt. There's not really a point in me telling you all this other than to give you back story about why I decided to take these photos. They're kind of strange and confusing at first glance but over time I've come to greatly enjoy them, I hope you do too.