Summer Outfits

It has been 10 days that I have withheld myself from blogging and I'm not going to lie to you guys, I missed it terribly. So terribly that last night I even had a dream about me organizing and brainstorming blog post ideas. That could either mean that I might be a little crazy or that I just love my blog that much; I'm gonna go with the latter. I have a million and one things that I want to share here and write about including my amazing trip to Savannah but sadly have not edited the photos and have not had a moment to really sit down and write a thought-out coherent sentence. That said posts will be coming along slowly this week but you can expect the blog to back up and running in full gear by next week, I swear it. 

With all that said to bring summer to a close since this is my last week of summer vacation and next week is the beginning of fall semester and my LAST semester of college I thought I would share with you all some outfits that I wore this summer but never shared. Here I was testing out a new style of documenting my outfits. Rather than going out and doing mini photo shoots in them I wanted to just capture them immediately after being created in a candid snap-shop style. No makeup, no styling the situation or location, just me, my room and my clothes. 

As you can see I often wear my hair in the same style of a top bun that if some cold-hearted person really desired could just come up and chop it off with a pair of scissors in one quick snip. I should really keep that in mind.... Anyways, what do you guys think of this style of shooting? Would you prefer to see more of this? Please comment and let me know. I am always thinking of how I want this blog to evolve and although I do love going out and doing mini photo shoots with my outfits I also wonder if I am creating too much of a stylized reality and not giving you all a fair and real perspective of me and my life. More on that soon enough. I hope you all enjoy your last few days of summer vacation as I know mine will be spent working like a dog, not that that's anything new.