"All styles are now self-caricatures. It is no longer possible unreflectively to be the perfectly dressed gentleman whose dress never calls attention to itself; we have all become so sophisticated about performance that we slyly recognize the attempted sleight of hand that aimed to suggest the absence of effort or impression-creation."

- Elizabeth Wilson, Adorned in Dreams

This may seem a bit over intellectual but I found it to be very interesting. The way that I interpret it is that even on those days that you don't want to get "dressed up" or you are one of those people that don't get "dressed up" you are still essentially, guess what, getting dressed up. Elizabeth Wilson states that it is impossible in today's day and age to not be making a statement about yourself based on the way that you get dressed; even if you want to dress in a way to not call attention to yourself you are essentially calling attention to yourself. Some paradox, huh?

On this particular day I literally didn't get dressed up. I slept in these clothes the night before for reasons I can't rightly remember other than they were comfortable and that's what pajamas are supposed to be. So I didn't even get dressed, I just continued the next day in the previous evening's clothes and yet somehow someway I am sure this outfit is making a statement about me in some way. 

I find it interesting when people tell me that they don't care about fashion and thus they don't care or think about the way they get dressed but I can see in their daily attire that they do. I hate that the fashion industry gets mixed into the concept of getting dressed on a day to day basis so strongly and that many people can't seem to separate the two and thus think that if they aren't as obsessed with the fashion industry as I am then they don't care but it simply isn't true. To think about getting dressed each morning or afternoon or night does not mean that you suddenly care about the industry but that you have an innate sense of self that is outlet ted through your attire and that is fucking beautiful, or not, whatever you want. It is the paradoxes in life that make it interesting.