Interchangeable Identities

This is a very interesting comment on the many reasons why we get dressed by Leandra Medine from the blog The Man Repeller. The more I think about how we use clothing to express ourselves I keep running into the many paradoxes of how we use clothing to also express false ideas about ourselves or as Leandra so eloquently states "who you want to be." I thought that a great way to display this occurrence would be by dressing myself based on who I am versus who I want to be, or at least one version of the many me's I want to be. Through the styling of my thrifted men's tuxedo shirt as seen above I go from art student to fashion editor. 

In this experiment of art student to fashion editor I wasn't dressing myself opposite of how I feel but opposite of where I am in life. As an art student I feel much more experimental; willing to wear pieces that juxtapose each other and look rather silly for the sake of visual and creative freedom. In my future career as a fashion editor I imagine I would like to dress simpler so as to come off as more professional and reliable. I also imagine I would like to always wear things with pockets so I never have to carry a purse around. What are your thoughts on art student vs. fashion editor?  What about interchangable identities? Do you ever find yourself changing the appearance of who you are through something as simple as styling?