Comfort is Key

 After centuries spent strapping ourselves into thirteen-inch waist corsets, girdles, hosiery, high heels, leather, latex and so much more I'm sure we could all use a little comfort in our lives.I can't tell you how many times I've been given the response "I feel comfortable" when I ask people how their outfit makes them feel. Though I am usually looking for something a little more insightful than that I can't ignore the facts when they keep being thrown in my face over and over again. At the peak of final exam week here in sunny South Florida all you are seeing around campus are students living life out in their pajamas while pulling all-nighters in the library so I thought it would be appropriate today to share some tip's I have learned about how to maintain comfort without losing your unique style sense to ratty old sweatpants (although I'm not one to turn down a good pair of worn in sweatpants).

A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail from my mom and pulled out these incredible harem pants. I already have a few pairs of harem pants in my collection but these have to be the most comfortable ones I've ever worn hands down. Instead of being loose in the thighs and tighter in the calves like some styles these are completely loose all around thus allowing you to sit in many awkward and fetal like positions that I often find myself in when studying. 

 This style of pant goes back to culturally rooted origins, thus making them as timeless as the little black dress. Not to mention they are versatile enough to be worn in summer or fall, for weekend wear, study sessions or a night out on the town. I know, I know harem pants aren't exactly "in fashion" right now but if I were to change my wardrobe to wear things that were only "in fashion" I probably wouldn't wear half of the things that I do. Plus I don't care how much people are willing to lie about how wearing skinny jeans or latex/leather leggings is comfortable because it's not, especially when the temperature is reaching into the 90s and the humidity is at a 60% high. So in fashion or not I will stick to my loose and extremely comfortable harem's until further notice and if comfort is key for you too I highly recommend you do the same. Ebay has some really great finds....