Art Basel Build Up

So I'm a bit late on my review of the Wynwood art walk but things happen, life occurs, and art walk reviews get pushed back a bit. If you didn't know Art Basel (the world's largest art fair) is coming to Miami this week and I couldn't be more excited. Art from all over the world will be featured not only in the Art Basel convention but at the satellite art fairs that occur at the same time, many that are better than Basel itself in my humble opinion. But anyways I thought what better way to bring in the Art Basel madness than with Wynwood madness. Wynwood is the art district of Miami and the second Saturday of every month they host an Art Walk on 2nd avenue where all of the galleries open up at night and all of the food trucks pile into an open lot and all of the people that know art/think they know art/or just want to get their picture taken come dressed for a night on the town. My friend and I got there late as usual and realizing that heels were a bad idea only ended up staying there for an hour or so. Within that hour though I was able to snap a few interesting art pieces as seen below. What's disappointing about the Wynwood Art Walk is how many people really are blind to what they are even seeing, they are just there for the scene. Thankfully for Art Basel usually people only go if they are already into it so it is much less ignorantly crowded. To say the least I can hardly contain myself for Art Basel and will try to keep you all as up to date as possible.