Wood Nymph

Growing up in the foothills of North Carolina has certainly effected me in many ways. For one is my deep love for the natural world. Even though I am a self-proclaimed New York soul I can't deny my country roots. I remember spending summers exploring meadows and over grown forests, guiding Baby Bottle Pop ships down streams and pretending to be the captain, playing pirates in the oceans of ivy and kudzo. To say the least my childhood wasn't half bad and that nostalgia of getting lost in the forest has stuck with me ever since. These photos were taken in my school's Nature Preserve; most people don't even know that FIU has a nature preserve but all the better for me and photo time. The rain has been endless here and when the sun comes out for a few minuscule minutes in between showers you want to do nothing but stand outside in it's basking light. But then it rains again and your soaked from head to toe. This all white ensemble was my way of saying "Fuck you rain!" and the sun seemed to be in full support as its rays pushed through the tree's canopy to gently provide me light.

I am also very excited to announce that after 2 months another one of my photos has been accepted by the Vogue Italia Photo Vogue community entitled "The Imaginist". 

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