4th of July

How do you make an American flag look attractive? Well luckily it stole it's colors from several other fashion aware countries *cough France/Britain cough* which make it all the easier to style red, white, and blue in a singular ensemble. I'm not a big fan of the 4th of July. 1) I live in Miami. No ones from America so thus it's not particularly as big of a festival as say....Calle Ocho. 2) I don't see what the big deal is about everyone getting together in the hot ass heat to make hot ass food around a hot ass bbq and then staying outside to watch redundant fireworks. Yes it can be fun and the fireworks can blow your mind at times, but overall I'm not to blown away. What can I say, winter is my favorite season so any holiday falling within the months of April-August never tend to win my heart. But this is a fashion blog, and I completely recognize that. Thus I bring a fashion post, Americana style. I stole this flag from my universities main yard. I think that's very American of me, taking things that aren't mine....

Dress and apron vintage, floral headdress handmade
Dress Zara, Scarf Vintage