Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Ok, so I lied. There are no lions or tigers in this neck of the woods, but there are bears. See, I didn't lie completely, only 66.6666%. I've had these Bear-Date leggings for several months now and for some reason am just now featuring them here on ze blog. I guess it's just one of those pieces that you buy and don't want to wear immediately because you want it to become acquainted with your wardrobe. You know, make friends with the other leggings, baggy jeans, gypsy coined skirts, and tie-dyed shorts. Alright, I may very well be going crazy believing that my clothing has conversations with each other, or maybe I just understand my clothing THAT well.....things to be pondered, wandered, and discussed over tea. Or wine. Or both. No, just wine. Or tea. Shit, I can't decide! So let me get to the real point of this post (which is not whether I should be drinking tea or wine, or whether my clothing talks to each other), it's the outfit. More importantly the leggings. Check 'em out. Let me know what you think. Really, let me know. Feedback is important to grow. Comment comment comment. 

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