The Willow Tree

I imagine that being a willow tree must be a tremendously torturous thing. 

To be given the ability to cry, to let out such strong emotions but never being able to let them fall. 
Being known to the world as a beautiful loneliness must be a heavy burden. 

As a viewer it's also agonizing to see such a magnificent and magical thing and be saddened by it. A natural metaphor of how we carry this sadness with us but continue to grow and bloom, and the sadness becomes apart of us and defines apart of us. 
But instead it's transformed and becomes something greater. 
It becomes a type of motivation for something greater than the tears.
That life can be better; can be beautiful and hopeful.

The weeping willow who's tear's never fall. 

Maybe one day we can all look at the willow tree and be like it. 
Be able to take our sadness and grow from it to become something magnificent to the world. Hopefully though we can become greater than the willow tree and learn to let go of the tears.