There are times in everyone's life where you just need to escape. Drop everything, don't think twice and run the fuck away. Disappear to a place that is not here nor there and your only commitment is to fully experience every moment you're living in. Jump up and down, get dirty, kick your shoes off to dance in puddles, laugh hysterically at absolutely nothing and find yourself in places you never expected you would ever be. Cry, let loose, get completely exhausted and fall to your knees at the end of it all. You've gone through the twists and turns, ups and downs and are still here, still violent with life boiling inside of you. So runaway when the time calls for it and find yourself on an adventure within a momentary lapse of reality but realize that you can never truly escape for it is not the reality in front of you that you are running from, it never has been. 

Photographer & Model: Ashley Garner

Hair/MUA & Assistant : Orestes de la Paz