A Moment of Appreciation

Instead of doing the usual FIU Style Sightings post today I thought instead I would give a moment of appreciation to street style from places other than the FIU campus (it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was lazy and took no photos this week). From my favorite street style blogs: The Sartorialist, Le 21-eme, Jak & Jil and Style Bubble I picked out some of my favorite looks and broke them down for you if you care to read and if not then enjoy the photos and happy Friday!

First of all any girl that is willing to go through the process of getting their hair dyed that vibrant color of blue is cool in my book, you really don't understand the trials and tribulations one sometimes has to go through to get to that point. Not to mention she has it cut in the most beautiful of pixie cuts and has an overall dope-ness of blue going on. And these shoes! Their clunky-ness reminds me of a modified Dutch wooden clog which I don't usually like but she is making me change my mind. Overall she is beautiful and I need her in my life to coordinate my blue's as well as she did. 

Below we have yet another girl I need in my life so she can also feed me in the street and hopefully share that coffee with me. Also where can I get an artist cape like that for myself?  Or maybe I can just make one; DIY would probably be suggested by an artist or to steal a hospital gown from an unsuspecting victim. Just kidding, don't steal hospital gowns unless you have a ridiculously good opportunity to do so. 

Then we have my recent/not so recent overall/jumper obsession. The photo above has been haunting my mind for weeks, possibly months now. The jumper fits her so perfectly without actually fitting her it's incredible. And then her accessories are so on point. Pastel purse, thin Roman sandals and this gorgeous wild card scarf. I'm beyond obsessed. I sometimes actually think I already somewhere hidden in the depths of my closets and am disappointed every time I come out with just a red pair of overalls. Below some more dungaree examples for guys and girls that I find to be exquisitely under-rated. Maybe it's just the lighting but I'm pretty sure it's the dungarees. 

The most amazing overall-tennis shoe combination I've seen to date. Need I say more?

Of course I'm not going to leave out a good tattoo street style shot. Ever since the men's Haider Ackermann show where all the male models were covered in tattoo's I have been DYING to get my first tattoo. It's just a matter of time people, I'm tellin' ya. I really love how the tattoos can seem so delicate when paired with a demure sweater like the gray one the girl above is wearing yet she juxtaposes it with a harsh multi-colored fur purse. But when it comes to layering no one can beat my girl Susie Bubble. She will forever have my sartorial heart and soul, is it really any wonder when she looks so damn cute like below? Rhetorical question, she always looks cute and is awesome. Case closed, weekend begin.