Goodwill Thrills

Does anybody else love Goodwill as much as I do? 
When I think about how I first got interested in fashion it was definitely strong desire to look unique. Not find myself walking around with the same shirt as several other people. For 3 years I had to wear a uniform to school and even then when I only had a very small selection of tops and bottoms I would get so upset when I found myself and 5 other girls in the exact same outfit. I felt violated in someway. Like, "They aren't feeling maroon and khaki the way I am, how dare they try to act like it." Ridiculous I know but I was 11, give me a break. 
When I entered high school and got the opportunity to dress myself creatively thrift stores were a huge part of that experience. With little money and a craving for something other than American Eagle and Abercrombie and Fitch the local Salvation Army, Goodwill, and vintage stores became my go to stores every weekend. I gained such a huge collection of random things that I would re-make and ruin or love, hats, dresses, pants, and sleepwear/daywear that it became hard to decide even what to wear. But to be able to go through those decades of clothes in one space you learn more about fashion then you ever could in your local mall. I think that some people look down on vintage because it's been used, but I love vintage for that exact reason. It has been through so many hands, experiences, decades and life changes that you end up wearing history and that is an absolutely amazing thing to be able to do. 

Getting to the point of this post a Goodwill Super Store happens to be right down the street from me and my good friend just happens to be the Queen of Goodwill. When I say that I mean that going shopping with her is not an in and out experience, it is an experience. Several hours are dedicated to rummaging, trying things on and either finding the most amazing thing ever or the most disgusting thing ever, rummaging some more, and only then can you finally consider yourself complete with a sufficient Goodwill experience. Her, I, and another friend of ours took this Goodwill thrill upon us after a day of classes as they give a 15% discount to students on Wednesday's. 
This is what I walked away with. 

Betsey Johnson in perfect condition for $3
This scarf was even to big for me to fit in my frame, my apologies. 
All for a total of $15. Kinda makes you rethink spending all that money at Forever 21, huh? 
Let me leave you with this disclaimer though: Not all Goodwill experiences are good ones. It is definitely a hit or miss type of thing. Always keep in mind location, location, location.