2017 - Present

A multi-sensory body of work that explores the therapeutic benefits of nature through sight, sound, scent, and taste.

Without plants the world as we know it would not exist. We would not exist. They are a core component to our survival. They are heavily used in modern medicine and have historically been used by humans for a wide range of healing benefits.

Studies have proven that when we spend 3-5 minutes simply looking at an image of nature, hearing it’s sounds, or smelling it’s aroma’s, blood pressure begins to lower, muscle tension relaxes, anxiety is alleviated and has shown to lead to shorter hospital stays and less need for medication.

Can experiencing specific plants on different sensory levels such as sight, sound, scent, and taste, have other physiological healing benefits? Do different plants heal us in different ways - such as the sound of Daisies, the sight of an Orchid, or the scent of a Morning Glory? If these different sensory experiences of each plant are combined, what would happen?

This is what ÆSTHESIA explores through the lens of different plants, first beginning with six of the most commonly used flowers in the medicinal community: Lavender, Chamomile, Tiger Lily, Marigold, Wild Rose, and Echinacea.

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Chamomile | Wild Rose | Echinacea | Lavender | Marigold | Tiger Lily

SIGHT: Videos and photos were made to capture the “world” of each plant paired with synthesized dyes informed by color therapy. Produced by Garner, Alex Jaramillo, and collaborating floral artists.

SOUND: Music is made from the electro-magnetic vibrations of each plant, recorded with a MIDI Sprout, and composed by electronic musician, Aries Lopez aka ALURIA.

SCENT: Essential oils made from the extract of each plant designed by Smithsonian exhibited olfactory artist, Christopher Brosius.

TASTE: Vegan-friendly, hard-rock candies infused with each plants petals and extract made by chef Tessa Liebman.

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Rehabilitation clinic, Column Health, in Boston installed the films and audio of ÆSTHESIA into their lobby and offices for two months from September - November, 2018, as a part of their art therapy program, UNAFFILIATE.

Award winning tech company, Music: Not Impossible Labs provided two haptic suits for visitors to wear that streamed the sounds of Tiger Lily to key pressure points on the body during a six-week installation in NYC with Wallplay ON CANAL.


In 2018, ÆSTHESIA was installed for 12 weeks in rehabilitation clinic, Column Health, in Boston and exhibited in a solo exhibition in TriBeCa with Wallplay ON CANAL. In 2019, the films and soundtrack were screened at international women’s conference, Generation W, and ÆSTHESIA musician ALURIA performed live with a jasmine plant at the American Irish Historical Society.