Mermaid Food Print Sale: One Week Only

I am excited to be starting this week with news that has been hard to sit on all summer….For the first time ever I am doing a print sale of my most popular work, Mermaid Food. This was the first body of fine art work that I made in the middle of 2015 in the midst of some major life transitions. I had just moved out of an apartment, gotten out of an abusive relationship, left a toxic job, and was exploring the camera and creation in a new way. Through the darkness I was finding the light, and thus was born Mermaid Food.

The photos and film explored 6 of the most noted mermaids in Greek and Mesopotamian mythology. As my version of the many stories goes, mermaids were originally humans that were plucked from earth by the gods and turned into winged phoenix’s who’s primary goal was to watch over Persephone. But soon the phoenix’s fell in love with the other mortals turned hand-maidens to the gods - Icarus and his father.

One day as Persephone was napping in the woods the phoenix’s ran off to play with Icarus and that was when Persephone was famously kidnapped by Hades. Persephone’s mother was so angry at the phoenix’s that she ripped their wings off and cast them to the sea, but left them immortal.

Soon after that Icarus and his father built wings to be able to join their lovers, the phoenix’s, in the sky, but as we know they flew to close to the sun and died at the bottom of the ocean. The phoenix’s, now mermaids, were forced to watch their one true love’s die at the bottom of the sea and to this day kill any man that dares to act like he loves them in the same way Icarus and his father did. Their siren song is their calling to the gods for mercy, to turn them mortal so that they too may die with their love at the bottom of the sea.

Test prints in the studio

I have spent the past year testing different fine art papers to make sure that it is represented the way it is meant to be and worked on pricing structures so that it can still be accessible. To celebrate my birthday I am doing a special early launch of these images for 6x9” at $40 each! For one week only from Sept 23-30th you can find 9 images from Mermaid Food as well as a special edition Collection Set (includes 11 images packaged in an archival print box) in the Print Shop.

After September 30th these prints won’t be available again until the Holiday’s! If you are interested in learning more about Mermaid Food click here. If you have any questions about the sale feel free to email me at

Seasonal Studio Update: Planting New Seeds

Hello and welcome to my new ‘News’ page where I will be sharing studio updates each season, new work, research for ongoing projects, and other random tid-bits I think you might be interested in. I promise not to overwhelm you or abuse your newsletter subscription, but I do hope to be more active in sharing the makings of the studio.

For those of you that have been following my work for awhile you may notice that the website looks a little different. To put it simply, 2019 has been a year of reorganizing my personal life and as a result I felt like the site needed to reflect this fresh perspective. Originally this space was built with the interest of appealing to fashion magazines, PR houses, designers, and models. For a brief moment commercial advertising work, and then came the fine art market . Today, I once again have found myself having a shift of focus in what is driving my motivation to create. A shift that has been so great that it has driven me to not only redesign my website, but in many ways redesign my life as well.

images from hikes in New York, self-portrait in home, studio installs and trips to the NY Botanic Garden and Staten Island Park

In the last few years I have been fortunate to feel a great amount of success with where my work has gone and the people it has connected me to, but I have also felt an equal amount of defeat and disappointment. For the better part of it all I have felt that I was put into situations that became abusive, either to myself and team, or to the work itself. After participating in a few shows this year I have decided to stop actively hustling for opportunities of exhibition because I do not feel that it is actually helping progress the work in any real or substantial way. My work is not created for the sole purpose of an exhibition. If one happens - great! But if I am not feeling fulfilled by doing shows then what is the point of doing them? Is that really the only reason that I create? Of course not, but sometimes you can get so wrapped up in the whirlwind of shows that you forget.

I do not make a living off of my artwork. I have a 9-5 day job, and always have. I feel that in having that kind of job and financial security it gives me the freedom to let my artwork be about anything I want it to be about with no major risks on the line, (other than my ego). Over the past few years I have admittedly invested thousands of dollars of my own money into my artwork, specifically exhibitions of my artwork, and I have not even come close to making any of that back in sales. While good experiences are lovely and all, a girl has got to pay the bills and that is far more important in a world of capitalism than any emotional support or the tired promise of “exposure”. Don’t get me wrong, I understand you have to start somewhere, but you also need to know when to draw the line and say, “Enough is enough.”

I am fine with all that has been done now, but I refuse to continue moving forward sacrificing my own financial stability with money that I make at a job that actually does respect my time of producing something with a paycheck. These are the things that I have learned people have to do to “play the game” in the fashion and art industries in NY, but more often than not just end up penniless, burnt out, and taken advantage of, and at this point in my life I am refraining from it for my mental and emotional health, and for the health of my art.

exhibitions of SYNAESTHESIA & AESTHESIA 2017-2019

One sunny afternoon in the summer of 2015, as I was playing and experimenting with friends and flowers in the studio for the video series, SYNAESTHESIA, has now, 4 years later, turned into a new found life passion for plants, botany, and horticulture. I have begun reading as many books as I can get my hands on on the topic and it has lead to lifestyle changes in the way that I eat, cutting out beef almost completely, and new hobbies of home gardening and hiking. It has also shifted my perspective in ways that I can use the tools that I have (such as photo and video) to help educate people on their local wildlife, climate change, and bring awareness to certain plants at risk and their uses and needs. I am so enamored with the world of plants that I hope to one day find myself working in a garden or botanical observatory on a daily basis!

I want to find more ways that I can effectively help support the environment. Living in NYC it’s easy to see everyday how we as humans are wrecking this earth, and while I do my part, even if it’s just a little bit, every day I want to find as many ways as I can to actually help. Not just saying that I’m helping but in reality I’m just helping myself. I want to be able to give money when I can to organizations that are out there saving endangered wildlife, I want to be able to go out there myself and get my hands dirty whenever I can, I want to really help be an active force in helping save the most important thing in the world: the world itself.

New Prints + NY Botanical Garden

You will find in the Shop page a new listing of prints from the series SYNÆSTHESIA that are themed around the chakras through flowers. The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas. There are seven basic chakras, and they all exist within the subtle body, overlaying the physical body. Through modern physiology we can see that these seven chakras correspond exactly to the seven main nerve ganglia which emanate from the spinal column. The health of one’s chakras is directly connected to the health of the physical body, the mind, and the emotional well-being of a person. Each print represents a different chakra. Starting at $35 for an 8x10” print and going up in size to 20x24”.

As we all know by now, the Amazon forest is on fire. More than 36% of the worlds plant life is considered threatened, and statistics are only getting worse. In an effort to give back and help support the botanical community, I have decided to donate 25% of any and all sales from the series ÆSTHESIA. and SYNÆSTHESIA to the New York Botanical Garden, which operates as one of the world’s largest plant research and conservation programs.


Please have fun scrolling up and down exploring the new site layout, and let me know your thoughts. More posts coming soon that dive deeper into specific project updates . I hope for this to become a space where we can connect in deeper and more personal ways and detach ourselves from the algorithms, censorship, and limitations of social media platforms. Often my work doesn’t read best in the format that is forced upon me through other website’s layouts, while on my website I have full control of how you experience what I create, and isn’t that the best starting place for us to even be able to have a conversation about it? Leave a comment below if you feel so provoked, I only bite when I’m mad ;)