If we look at the idea of faeries then you would find that they have been around longer than most expect. The earliest form can be loosely found in the Greek nymphs, satyrs and sileni. Some are benign while others are maligned and hostile. Some were fair, while others ugly and monstrous look at. 

In Ireland they lived under the dune mounds, underwater domains, or the Western Otherworld.  Korrigans were believed to be evil spirits condemned to live here on earth in a penitential state for and indefinite time.

In earlier Celtic tales of faeries, the former Irish or Welsh deities were not faeries in the usual sense. They looked very much like human, in size and shape, except that they have special powers and they seemed eternally young, but they don't have wings. The Dananns or their Welsh counterparts were usually seen as race of fair people. They can die just as mortals can, but their lives could last hundreds or even thousands of years.

Faeries are supernatural beings that can be best described by the Greek word - daimon - which means "spirit". They are not divinity, gods or goddesses, in the usual sense of the word, and yet they are not mere mortal. 

The film (above) follows the three most common types of faeries found in Celtic folklore. Photos (below) taken simultaneously during filming document their lives and the worlds they live in.

Music by Spirit Twin

Talent (in order of appearance): Mika Mae Jones, Elle Kay Dawson, Lorelei Black