“The vastness of the universe and everything within it can be simplified as the output of energy by unique vibrational frequencies. Using techniques, such as brainwave entrainment, which “tunes” the brain to a specific frequency, it is theoretically possible to influence different states of consciousness.” -Ashley G. Garner

The synesthesia phenomenon is traditionally thought to be a synaptic overlapping of senses; such as hearing color or associating sound with scent. Garner synthesized dyes, influenced by color psychology, with symbolic flora to elucidate this phenomenon in viewers with a six-part video series featuring audio compositions by ALURIA. Solfeggio frequencies, an ancient six-tone musical scale speculated to have healing properties, were explored physically within the exhibition space of GALLERY 151 in a solo exhibition curated by Wallplay.

Wallplay created multi-sensory meditation stations for each of the six videos & audio compositions. Each video station featured a still image and live flowers, paired with an essential oil blend & colored light that connected with a corresponding chakra. Participants were seated on meditation cushions and immersed in a symphony for the senses. The stations created a multi-dimensional path for participants to journey through Garner’s work.

Together we explored our inner world and played with different states of consciousness while traveling through each tone in the Solfeggio scale. Wallplay’s installation design connected ALURIA’s healing Solfeggio compositions as a singular chorus, which could be experienced individually or fully when standing at the center of the gallery.

Exhibiting SYNÆSTHESIA in physical spaces will be an ongoing collaboration between Ashley G. Garner and Wallplay. Over the next year, the series will evolve and be scaled through collaborations with technology & wellness partners to reach a wide audience in mixed reality settings.