The synesthesia phenomenon is traditionally thought to be a synaptic overlapping of senses; such as hearing color or associating sound with scent. Garner synthesized dyes, influenced by color psychology, with symbolic flora to elucidate this phenomenon in viewers with a six-part video series featuring audio compositions by ALURIA that explored the Solfeggio frequencies, an ancient six-tone musical scale speculated to have healing properties. 

In a solo exhibition in July 2017 at Gallery 151 curated by Wallplay, Garner created multi-sensory meditation stations for each of the six video & audio compositions. Each video station featured a still image and flowers that corresponded to a video, as well as an essential oil blend & filtered light that connected with a corresponding chakra. Visitors were seated on meditation cushions in front of each video and immersed in a symphony for the senses. The stations created a multi-dimensional path for participants to journey through Garner’s work and the influences of the Solfeggio Frequencies.

SYNÆSTHESIA as a traveling exhibition has since gone on to be showcased in the lobby of The Quin Hotel, Ludlow House, on a boat in Bushwick, the art fair Superfine!, the backyard of a boutique in Queens, and continues to expand it's message of wholistic healing and the vibrations of the Solfeggio Frequencies.