The Solfeggio Frequencies, the original six-tone musical scale used in ancient Gregorian chants, are claimed to have the power to help mankind reach enlightenment.

Garner explored this phenomenon through the lens of the neurological phenomenon, synesthesia - a synaptic overlapping of the senses  such as hearing color or associating sound with scent. Six videos were filmed synthesizing dyes, influenced by color psychology, with symbolic flora that all corresponded with the intent of each of the six Solfeggio Frequencies, made into 4-9 minute audio compositions by ALURIA.

In a solo exhibition in July 2017 at Gallery 151 curated by Wallplay, Garner created multi-sensory meditation stations for each of the six video & audio compositions. Each video station featured a still image and flowers that corresponded to a video, as well as an essential oil blend & filtered light that connected with a corresponding chakra. Visitors were seated on meditation cushions in front of each video and immersed in a symphony for the senses. The stations created a multi-dimensional path for participants to journey through Garner’s work and the influences of the Solfeggio Frequencies.

SYNÆSTHESIA as a traveling exhibition has since gone on to be showcased in the lobby of The Quin Hotel, Ludlow House, on a boat in Bushwick, the art fair Superfine!, the backyard of a boutique in Queens, and continues to expand it's message of wholistic healing and the vibrations of the Solfeggio Frequencies. 


*full soundtrack by ALURIA here*

UT 396Hzturning grief into joy

FA 639Hz | re-connecting and balancing

RE 417Hz facilitating change

SOL 741Hzpower of self expression

MI 528Hztransformation and miracles

LA 852Hzawakening intuition

photo stills taken simultaneously while filming the SYNÆSTHESIA videos

prints available in limited editions of 10

grid options also available