"Sunday Style"

Sunday Style: When Art Met Fashion

Whoever said art and fashion aren't intertwined clearly haven't met this group of people. The two are constantly influencing each other, maybe art more than fashion, but how fashion interprets that art and puts it in an entirely new context allowing for all of us non-art history majors to appreciate it on a more relate-able (and wear-able) level. Below you will find photos from the street style seen at London, and now Milan Fashion Week. I am pleased to see that as we have gotten away from New York the street style doesn't seem so heavily influenced by the goal of 15 minute fame so much as it is about the pure celebration of fashion and it's personal significance to each and every one of us. 

Photos from Tommy Ton, Street FSN, and Le-21eme.com

Cassoday Harder

Although this Sunday Style isn't quite fashion based it certainly has a style of it's own. I first came across photographer Cassoday Harder's work when she was featured as the photo of the day on Photo Vogue. Her use of lighting, film, model choice, and location create a nostalgic aesthetic that is hard to not want more of. I became completely obsessed with Cassoday's work and in one sitting downloaded over 200 of her photos for daily eye candy. This young girl has never taken a photography class and yet has managed to learn how to catch these breath taking intimate and almost spiritual moments that pass us by everyday. Her style is evident in every one of her photos whether it be a girl laying in a field or a piece of toast in the morning. I had to learn more about who this tantalizing girl was behind, and sometimes in front of the camera. 

How did you first become interested in photography? 
My mom has always been interested in photography so I guess that's who really got me into 

it. I just took her camera and started messing around with different shots- at first it started 
as just a hobby, but eventually I got pretty serious about it.

How long have you been photographing? 

I've been taking photos for about two years.

Who/what are your inspirations? 

I find inspiration everywhere- people, songs, books, clothing, other photographers. Ideas come to me at random times.

Your photography has such a romantic aesthetic to it. Is this on purpose and if so why?

 Hmm yes, I think so. I love grain and I love the soft, vintage style, I think it's beautiful. It's kind of part of my personality, too. Most of my favorite photographers use similar techniques.

What type of camera do you use? 

For digital I use a Canon 7D and for film I use a Canon AE-1.

As I mentioned earlier your photos are very soft and involve a lot of light to create that soft-ness. Do you set your camera on a high ISO? 

When using digital, yes, I usually set it on a higher ISO. For most of my personal work I use film though, so that's where a lot of the softomes from.

Have you gone to school for photography or are you self taught? 
I'm completely self-taught, although I wouldn't be against taking some photography classes in the future. I'd love to learn more about the techinical side of photography!

What is your dream job?

Whenever I'm asked this question, I always think of the photographer Nirrimi. She is a freelance photographer and travels around the world with her family to take photos. I've always thought that would be a dream- traveling everywhere and taking photos with the ones you love.

If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be?


All photos copyright by Cassoday Harder 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I see myself continuing on in my photography- traveling around, improving with each and every shot.

To see more of Cassoday's work click here.

Sunday Style

I have some exciting news for you all: in less than a week I will be in New York City for the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference! For today's Sunday Style I wanted to share some inspiration I have been gathering for the outfit packing chaos of my 5 day adventure in the city. 

 Firstly let's start off with the fact that I've been jumping for joy ever since my parents gave me this early birthday present. Secondly lets note how fabulous this woman looks clicking her heels together, literally. Not only is she taking chances by attempting that jump and clearly not concerned if her heels break on her landing, but her mixing of python printed shoes and what appears to be a Marikech  inspired blouse she manages to balance the two seemingly clashing patterns with a white pleated skirt. I've never been much a pattern mixing girl but this has me curious.....

Of course I will be camera in hand my whole time in the city, but sadly a tripod won't be so outfit pictures on location there will be far and few most likely. None the less I will still be decked out in my favorite threads and prepared for gusty winds that we are currently experiencing here in Miami thanks to Hurricane Issac. I am considering bringing my film camera but layering myself in 2 cameras and a purse seem....heavy; I'm not sure how this girl manages to do it with such a petite purse. I have to say though I love seeing a stylish girl going that extra mile to get The Shot. It inspires me in ways that words can't say.

Photos by Tommy Ton and FrouFrouu
Finally, the all white ensemble. I will be in the city on Labor Day Weekend which the proposes the question, if I bring my white pants will they still be acceptable to wear on the following Monday? I say yes and everything about what this girl is wearing makes me want to scream it. The classic nipped waist dress with a sports wear cap and over sized gem necklace on paper sounds like a clash waiting to happen, yet in person it comes off as elegant as Lady Dior. In this day and age there are really no more rules to follow when getting dressed. As I have been reading article after article about street style vs. fashion the statement I keep coming across is "We wear what we like" and in my opinion that is the philosophy of the 21st century style. Elegant idiosyncrasy some may say *cough cough*

Later this week I will be giving you all a tease preview of my outfit's planned for my 5 day trip to Wonderland. If you all have any suggestions I would love to hear them!