description by Tessa Liebman

“While working on the sense of taste element for ÆSTHESIA I tried to be as straightforward as possible and present the different flowers in a form that, along with the associated colors would be an immediate impression. I decided on sugar because it’s such a great medium for color and flavor. It’s so mutable it really can taste like whatever you tell it to. My challenges were making something that would be (relatively) shelf (or refrigerator) stable, vegan, gluten free and easy to eat in any setting.

I like the idea of the candies as medicinal lozenges or functional sweets. I worked with a lot of beautiful essential oils I have from working with perfumers on my fragrance dinners. Many of the flowers in the videos are edible so I was able to combine their essential oil and plant matter like petals or leaves in a hard candy base. For the not-so-edible or not-so-delicious flowers like tiger lily I reviewed what perfumer Christopher Brosius was using to interpret the flower and happily it was jasmine, one of my favorite scents and flavors.“



description by Christopher Brosius

“Since the advent of Aromatherapy in the 1920s, there has been a vast amount of scientific research exploring and confirming the enormous physiological and psychological benefits of plants. Using that research to create a series of beautiful and beneficial scents is what my work for ÆSTHESIA is about. 

Each scent is composed of two parts - the base plant material and a specially crafted olfactory compound. All materials chosen are strictly natural. 

In most cases, principle materials are taken directly from the flowers themselves. However, in some cases where direct olfactory materials are not available or desirable - such as tiger lily or the scent of echinacea - other natural materials have been chosen and combined to create a similar and equally beneficial effect.

The purpose of each scent is to create a resonance between the olfactory compound and its botanical base material to increase the meditative and healing aspect of each flower.  These beneficial properties are proven readily available simply by inhaling the scent. All you need do is breathe in.”