Generation W at the Lazarus Art Center, UNF

Jacksonville, FL

April 6th, 2019

ÆSTHESIA films and music opened the reception and registration period of Generation W, a non-profit community and annual conference that embraces the guiding tenets of education, inspiration, and connection and the power of women’s leadership.

On the main stage 40ft screens played the ÆSTHESIA films on repeat while the rest of the theater was cast in color filter lights mimicking the colors in the films. The music of ÆSTHESIA by ALURIA, echoed out into the lobby and created a relaxed and calming environment as everyone prepared for a day of intense workshops and challenging panel discussions.



UNAFFILIATE: Column Health

Boston, MA

September 15th - Nov 1st, 2018

For six weeks the full film and audio for ÆSTHESIA was installed in the lobby and patient rooms in Boston office of rehabilitation clinic, Column Health. CH incorporates art therapy into their practice for long term stigma prevention. The results were exceedingly positive and encouraging from the patients and therapists for further exploration of the bridging of art and wellness coming together to make a lasting impact on the healing and recovery process for patients dealing with a variety of symptoms.


In Bloom | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

The Quin Hotel | New York

May-July, 2018

For 3 months SYNÆSTHESIA was installed on a 15 foot video wall in the lobby of The Quin Hotel in a group show of work about flowers co-curated by Lori Zimmer & DK Johnston. Work featured Nick Cave, Ron English, Logan Hicks, Icy & Soot, COPE, c215, Logan Hicks, Beau Stanton, Crash, Joanne Leah, Annika Connor, and more.




Wallplay On Canal

New York, NY

November 8th - December 15th, 2018

ÆSTHESIA was a multi-sensory experience inspired by six flowers that have been historically used for their therapeutic properties. The exhibition provided stimuli for sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch with the intent to see if experiencing flowers through each of the senses could result in positive physiological responses.

Visitors were first greeted by a tree-like structure at the front of the exhibition and large photos of each flower. A soundtrack, created by ALURIA in collaboration with Garner’s videos included measured wavelengths taken from the actual live-recording of each chosen flower. Not Impossible Labs provided haptic suits allowing visitors to feel the vibration of the audio while watching each film. Methods and Madness made edible rock candy with each flower as an ingredient and Christopher Brosius of I Hate Perfume, just after exhibiting at the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, also joined Garner to provide unique scents made distinctly for each flower explored in ÆSTHESIA.


Ethereal Bodies

Wilson Gallery | Georgetown College

Georgetown, Kentucky

October 10th - November 10th, 2018

Ethereal Bodies is a glimpse into three bodies of work that Garner has created in collaboration with a variety of artists from 2015 - 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. All three bodies of work (Study Sessions, SYNÆSTHESIA, and ÆSTHESIA) share a common theme of wellness and an exploration of the mystery in the natural world. Combined into one exhibition they create a narrative that examines nature and our experience with it through a vibrant hue of colors, organic elements such as water and fire, and still lives that turn mundane objects into fantastical personas.



Gallery 151 

New York, NY

July 27 - September 11th, 2017

In collaboration with Wallplay, Garner created six multi-sensory meditation stations that explored the sound vibrations of the original six-tone musical scale, Solfeggio Frequncies. Each station included a looping video by Garner and audio track for each frequency made by electronic musician ALURIA.

Next to each video station was a photograph from the video and pedestal with live flowers from the video and an essential oil blend designed based off of the videos. Visitors could learn more about the intent of each stations audio and visuals from educational text vinyl on each pedestal or immerse themselves in the work by sitting on meditation cushions in front of each video screen.



Twist & Twine | feat. ÆSTHESIA

Paradise Palase | New York

June 7th-30th, 2019


Every Woman Biennial

La MaMa Galleria | New York

May 19th - 24th, 2019


Voyage on a Vessel | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

Osmunda | Bushwick

June 18th, 2018

On a broken down boat in the middle of summer in a canal in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Garner collaborated with art collective OSMUNDA and Future Clear to create a meditating oasis for the community to escape the shackles ofcity life and spend an evening relaxing to ambient sound vibrations, dancing, food, performance art, and a SYNÆSTHESIA lounge where videos played on loop all evening.



A Spring Awakening | feat. SYNÆSTHESIA

Ludlow House | New York

April 7-8th, 2018

A weekend long event hosted in the lounge of Ludlow House, NY,  designers, painters, and performance artists co-collaborated to create a an immersive retail and art experience to launch off the Spring season.

The lounge area hosted an ongoing loop of SYNÆSTHESIA with a live performance by ALURIA on opening night. 



with Doral Contemporary Art Museum


Superfine! The Fair


New York | May 4th - 8th

Washington DC | October 31st - Nov. 4th


New York | May 4th - 8th

Art Basel Miami | December 6th -10th