Spring is Here

Yes ladies and gentleman, it's official, spring is here! Trust me when I say I think everyone is quite ready for it (the winter has been rather daunting on the locals up here). After a shoot I was supposed to photograph got postponed on Saturday I decided to take full advantage of the bright sunshiny day and get lost in Prospect Park. I ended up literally getting lost for a good half hour and stumbling across this gem of a location. I couldn't tell you where it is other than somewhere within the vast location of Prospect Park but if you find yourself in that area this week before the dandelions all get plucked or wilt away look for a very large ditch with lots of cut down tree's and there you will find Spring. Of course on the first unofficial day of spring I decide to wear all black but that is besides the point. Moving on.....may your week be as lovely as this past weekend and a very happy spring to everyone!