Can you mismatch so much that you eventually match? Like a double negative or something like that? Well this thought happen to have popped into my head the other day and I decided to put myself to the test. Could I really create such a mismatched outfit that it defies all laws of known styling and some how some way becomes idiosyncratically matching? I'll leave that for you to decide how my attempt turned out but if I do say so myself I was feeling quite Man-Repeller-esque in this ensemble composed mostly of Jacked Fashion (faux fur jacket and sequin skirt), Bucketfeet tennis shoes, a random poker visor I found one day and a very dated Banana Republic stripped t-shirt. If Man-Repeller status or mismatched-so-much-that-it-matches twist and turns your buttons the way that it does mine then that's a definite win for me. Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Wearing Jacked Fashion pink and purple faux fur coat and silver sequin skirt, Bucket Feet shoes, Banana Republic top, found poker visor