It was the day after Valentines Day and all throughout the house not a creature was stirring because they were probably hung over from partying too hard and drinking too much wine or maybe that was just me......after I finally dragged my ass out of bed by noon I wandered down the street to visit a thrift store I've been dying to rummage through since their window displays are always so clever and well styled in my humble opinion. Amarcord is their name and awesome, reasonably priced clothing is their game. Within 5 minutes of entering this magical four-walled palace I found what has to be the coolest shorts that were ever made. Not only that but they were also an extra 20% off! After leaving the store I rushed home to completely change my attire for the day making these corduroy tartan shorts the focal point in my sartorial display that day. 

Not only are these shorts cool as fuck and comfortable but they have huge pockets! For a girl that seems to be drawn to clothing that is always pocket-less or has such small pockets that they might as well be pocket-less this was a major turn on. Since the initial purchase and wearing of these shorts on Saturday I have barely taken them off since and trust me when I say this is no exaggeration. When I buy a clothing piece it is often because I am obsessed with it (in a completely healthy way of course) but I believe it is safe to say that I am unhealthily obsessed with these tartan-ed bad boys. Maybe it's their classic red tartan pattern that draws me back to my Scottish roots or perhaps it's their soft to the touch corduroy material that's texture only emphasizes the vertical lines or possibly it's their bad ass high-waisted, knee-length design that has me feeling all kinds of quirky creative enthusiasm. Whatever it is I'm basking in it and rocking these bitches til someone finally notices that I've worn the same shorts for several weeks in a row; let's be honest though, even someone does notice I'll probably still keep wearing them. 

They remind me of London and this goes beyond the obvious tartan influence. When I think of style in London I feel like something needs to be off. It should never be perfectly tailored like Milan or Paris and it should never be as commercial as New York. London is slightly strange to the untrained eye. It can confuse you, make you giddy, jump up and down or scream that it is the ugliest thing you've ever seen but what London always is is original. Bitches have their shit together and when they don't it's usually even better. London is challenging and will never be easy on the eyes or mind which is why I love it so. I feel like these shorts are all of those things and why I am so drawn to them. 

"It's so bad it's good" as some might say but I prefer "If it doesn't challenge me than I don't like it."