See | Me: Pleiades

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being one of the models for designer Kaytee Papusza of Papusza Couture's video for her newest collection, Pleiades. Filming the video was the ever so talented and lovely Gemma Fleming of whom I met two years ago during Art Basel Miami while doing a performance piece for one of her conceptual ideas about hair. Me and one other model, Alaia at Major Models, shot 7 looks on Sunday and to summarize it without squeals of joy and excitement it was quite an existential experience. 

Kaytee's pieces are always crafted with the idea of sculpture and concept in mind rather than the model wearing them. As a model this can result in some painful pieces to wear but the garments are of such beauty and majestic-ness that one bears with the pain knowing that they are wearing a piece of intricately crafted fine art. Pain for fashion/art as they say. This particular collection was made with a myriad of materials primarily focusing on aluminum, clear plastic, wire with bead work and resin. 

Kaytee's pieces will be open to the public to view this Friday displayed by live models along with Gemma's magical alien video of the collection, Rosanna Scimeca's mind blowing sculptures and a series of performance pieces by Kaytee's models at the See | Me exhibition space at 26-19 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, New York. If you're in town I HIGHLY recommend you come check it out, it's an event you most definitely do not want to miss. 

Flyer and gif by Gemma Fleming